Friday, May 3, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Dule Hill, 38.

And some good stuff:

1. Scott Monje on the NRA and the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

2. James Fearon on the question of how many wars the United States is currently fighting -- and what's at stake in answering that question.

3. Kevin Drum on what George Washington couldn't do.

4. Got behind on this, but David S. Bernstein on how the parties decide -- and enforce their decision -- in the Massachusetts Senate special.

5. And Sarah Posner on the National Day of Prayer (and the post-policy GOP).


  1. Thanks for the link! It was actually born as a comment on the Plain Blog, but it grew and grew until it became the fine, strapping, young blog post that it is today.

  2. I need to learn more about it, but I'm skeptical of the UN Arms Trade Treaty. The problem is that any kind of international gun control is going to be inherently more effective against the poor and the peaceful than against the powerful and the violent. For organized crime cartels and oppressive governments, small arms are tools of the trade -- above all else, they need guns, and they will go to the greatest lengths to obtain them. But the peaceful, whether people or states, don't have arms as a high priority and typically won't try to obtain them in great numbers until they're already being threatened with violence. And since the violent aggressor will already be well-armed, the embargo disproportionately disadvantages the victim.


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