Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Question for Conservatives

I've said that the fate of the immigration bill depends on whether mainstream conservatives in the House Republican conference want it to pass or not. Most of them won't have to vote for it (ultimately, Democrats are going to vote for any comprehensive immigration that can get through the Senate), but John Boehner won't put something on the floor if they don't want him to.

So: first, what do you think they'll choose to do? And, what should they do?


  1. They'll choose to support some future amnesty, if not this one. They should slow all immigration, but this won't happen. The country will shift steadily left like California as immigrants vote to minimize the differences between the US and the places they fled:

  2. I support immigration reform, but this legislation doesn't address the real problem. Here I agree with Rand Paul:

    “The main problem with illegal immigration is that we don’t have enough legal immigration,” Mr. Paul, a Republican, said on ABC News Sunday. “This bill, because it was negotiated with the unions, actually lowers the numbers for work visas. That’s exactly the wrong direction to go.”


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