Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Von Joshua, 65. What's not to like? Picked up on waivers from the Dodgers just in time for a freakishly good 27 year old season, then let go 40 games into the next year after he turned back into a 4th outfielder at best. I suppose the downside is that his "emergence" might have had something to do with giving away Garry Maddox, but the Giants in those years were foolish enough to have done that anyway, alas.

Good stuff:

1. Steve M. on "the low-information media." Oy.

2. Andrew Rudalevige has something to say about "juice," too.

3. Yes, Obama beats McCain without the financial crisis. There was a months-old recession before that, you know. Harry Enten with the numbers.

4. And Conor Friedersdorf is not impressed with Frank Luntz. Join the club!


  1. Quoting Prof. Bernstein:

    "Although, as I've said, as long as it's a partisan election it's not hard to cast a sufficiently informed vote...I definitely felt more confident that I didn't screw up badly this time around than I did for the primary back in March, where I had no idea what I was doing in several races."

    I don't see why you link to posts like #1 when it castigates you for being a low-information voter. If you believe that people should vote based on their ethnicity (which you obviously do) and that the "magic button" is all you need to do that, then what's the point of informing oneself via following an informed media? Just vote the way your friends and family do so that they won't harass you all of the time! It's ideology-free partisan hate-voting: yay!

    1. Might as well correct this...

      I have not said nor do I believe that people "should" vote based on ethnicity.

      I do believe that in a democracy, there is no "should" for how people vote; people should vote, that is, based on whatever they want to vote based on, and there are no set of outside objective criteria to judge that by.

    2. I misread. Here is the corrected statement:

      "If you believe that there's nothing at all wrong that people vote based on their ethnicity (which you obviously do) and that the "magic button" is all you need to do that ..."

      Of course, this doesn't change the point of my original comment, which is that a high-IQ voter who lurves politics can't be bothered to inform himself beyond finding the "magic button" so that he can vote lockstep with the overwhelming majority of his co-ethnics, so what's with all of the "low-information media" snark? Who (if NOT someone like you) should bother to be anything but partisan?


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