Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Elsewhere: ACA/Iraq, Sabotage, more

My TAP column yesterday is about the "ACA is like Iraq" thing, extending what I wrote here a while ago. I argue that the ACA rollout isn't like Iraq, but actually could be a fair comparison...but ultimately won't be.

Over the weeked, I talked ACA sabotage over at Salon. To be clear: this isn't about letting the administration off the hook. But, yeah, I do think that Republican efforts to undermine the law probably had something to do with the inept rollout.

Today I wrote on the successful cloture vote for Richard Griffin, which is actually a pretty big deal.

And yesterday I thought about the budget and post-policy Republicans.


  1. Excellent Salon piece. I hope Sebelius takes it to them in her hearings on funding being cut, and the curious coincidence of the states that didn't set up exchanges (leading to many more people using the federal exchange than anticipated) and screwed around with Medicaid being controlled by Republicans.

  2. JB: I sense that you're trying to have it both ways with regard to GOP politicians' worries about primaries. When it comes to many issues, you make the (correct, I think) point that they are overly paranoid to worry about them, that they shouldn't worry that any one thing they do/vote on will get them into a situation to lose a primary.

    And yet, on the appointments and cloture vote issue, you use the argument that relatively moderate GOP politicians should be irritated because the filibuster thresholds make them have to vote with the Democrats, and thus put them at risk of primary threats. Suddenly you're the overly paranoid one!


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