Thursday, October 3, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Lena Heady, 40.

Good stuff:

1. What it sounds like when your colleagues in the Senate really, really, hate you. This is beyond brutal. From Manu Raju.

2. Elizabeth Rigby on how Republicans have made Medicaid more complex, even before the ACA expansion.

3. A couple I missed: Seth Masket on sore loser laws as party protection.

4. And Richard Skinner on parties and policy.


  1. Any thoughts on this interesting-sounding paper? Is it all just a symptom of a whole segment of the US population being ideologically conservative, but operationally liberal, so that when polarization is exceptional, that psychological disjuncture is also exceptional?:

  2. I found this interview with Rep. John Culberson of Texas to be both hilarious and a good insight into what happens when politicians buy into (whether cynically or sincerely) the lunacy of the conservative marketplace.


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