Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Question for Conservatives

Have you changed your mind about anything related to the shutdown over the last week -- people, strategy, policy?


  1. I think the shutdown has proven to be better strategy than I had anticipated, and I am pleased that the squishes have so far shown more mettle than I had imagined. Whether that can be kept up, I doubt, but so far so good.

    1. Out of curiosity...

      If you think the shutdown is good strategy, how do you see it ending? And what, ideally, will it accomplish?

    2. I do not know if this is the same "Anonymous," but there was one who repeatedly declared here that a shutdown was a goal desirable in itself. He was under the delusion that it saved money.

    3. I did not say that I thought the shutdown was good strategy. I think it's bad strategy. But so far it's gone about as well as could be hoped, so that should make me a little less confident that it's bad strategy - hence my post. On the other hand, perhaps this is like falling off a building, where it's "so far, so good" until right near the end.

      What would I like for it to accomplish ideally? ACA Repeal. And a pony.

  2. A better strategy for whom ? The Democrats in 2014 ? On Faux and puppets today George Will admitted that the only Republicans who will benefit from the idiot tealoban government shutdown. Will be moderate Republican presidential candidates who will make it very clear that they were not involved in this anarchist insanity.

  3. Oh, the Haitians KNOW what they did....

  4. On a somewhat serious note, I never made the connection before, but the Haitians' particular transgression was dealing with Satan to throw off the yoke of (French) oppression. Which is interesting in that the history of religion is, to a large extent, the Almighty One intervening for the oppressed in helping them become free.

    Except the Haitians.

    That, apparently, was Satan.

  5. @CSH, you have to have faith! Otherwise the explanation just looks plain idiotic. Gosh, I miss that kind of stupid now.


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