Monday, October 28, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Daphne Zuniga, 51. I know I've babbled on about this before, but The Sure Thing is just a much better movie than When Harry Met Sally.

Good stuff:

1. A nice interview with David Mayhew. By the way: the APSA Congressional Fellowship is basically the best thing in the world. I didn't do it (didn't apply; I had already spent four plus years on the Hill, plus it wasn't right for our family situation at the time), but from everything I know, both from talking to friends who did it and from reading the research of those who did it, it's absolutely the best thing.

2.  I really like this one from Andrew Sprung -- especially his point that comparing "Obamacare" plans to 2013 health insurance is a cheat because those 2013 plans already incorporated ACA reforms (no lifetime caps, phased out yearly caps, no rescissions). And no, you probably can't get those benefits without also giving insurance companies what they're getting now: new customers.

3. And more good points on ACA from Austin Frakt.

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  1. Following Sprung, what struck me about Douthat's argument is that it depends heavily on your definition of success and failure and how you weigh efficiency in that calculation. For Douthat, not covering people is success if it is more efficient than covering them.


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