Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Clark Gregg, 51.

Good stuff:

1. Melissa Harris-Perry on NSF Funding and Political Science.

2. Good catch from Dave Weigel: once sequestration hit, people lost interest, at least in "sequestration" as a topic. Presumably fully media and politician driven.

3. While sequestration actually is doing pretty much what was expected, as Sam Stein and Amanda Terkel report.

4. And Dylan Matthews has a nice in-on-chart on the various budget proposals. My main caveats: it matters how detailed the plans are (Ryan's, notoriously, are not). It matters, too, as a few of us discussed a while ago, whether it's intended for carrying out, for staking out a negotiating position, or just for use as talking points. The big job of the budgets that passed the House and the Senate were to do just that, to pass on the floor; that's different than saying they are what the parties really want. I mean, it's fair in politics to hold people responsible for their voters, but that's not the only way to look at it.


  1. John Judis's column today is vital; it questions whether the conditions for economic recovery are really being laid:

    The only dimension I think he doesn't explore enough is whether global demand and international trade could nonetheless partially compensate for the weakness on the other domestic conditions he mentions. The US has a somewhat different position in the world than it did in the 1930s, and he doesn't even really consider what effects that may or may not have.

  2. Please read my article "Do curfews keep teens out of trouble?" at http://confessionsoftheoutspoken.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/do-curfews-keep-teens-out-of-trouble.html

    I'd love to know your opinion!

  3. Obama's sequestration cuts are pretty terrifying. According to the ranking member of the House Banking Committee they could lead to 170 million jobs lost. I can't believe Obama didn't do anything about this.


    1. @backyard troll, did you think about the numbers you used? In what world would a 0.5% cut in federal spending cause over 100 million job losses? Do you have any concept that this numbers have actual meaning, and you can't just throw a number out there? Incredible.

  4. The Melissa link is broken, what is %markup and what isn't?


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