Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Read Stuff, You Should

Happy Birthday to Avery Brooks, 64.  I've bashed his performance as Sisko; in his defense, he mostly had to play off of the weaker half of the cast. And the Sisko/Dax friendship is terrific. In other random DS9 comments: my eldest and I think they should have done a spinoff starring Admiral Ross -- a sitcom, in which Ross goes about his day as the world's most boring character while unbeknownst to him all sorts of wacky things are going on. I suppose Troi could make a guest appearance in which she senses that someone is up to something...

Before I get any deeper into it, I better get to the good stuff:

1. Lots of Dartmouth profs talk about the debates.

2. Have to agree with Andrew Gelman on this one. Ronald Reagan was no moderate. Picked the right year to win the nomination; he would have lost in 1968 or 1976.

3. Monica Potts on last night's Warren/Brown debate. She doesn't convey the sense, however, of just how bad David Gregory was.

4. And Steve Kornacki has been doing a great job showing how Mitt Romney's party is constantly cutting off every good option he might have. Today's installment: immigration.


  1. Brooks wasn't great, but he wasn't so bad as to hurt the show. But have you seen him now? I'm not sure what planet he's living on mentally these days. He was really out there on that Shatner-tastic documentary "The Captains."

  2. I didn't find Gregory so bad. He was certainly a relatively intrusive moderator, but he was at several points very helpful in getting both of them not to evade legitimate questions or not to simply make insinuations but say explicitly what they think of the other candidates character. At points, it had the feel of an alternating interview, but there's plenty of value in seeing how both candidates handle that.

  3. Dude... you watch a lot of crappy TV.

  4. Personally, I prefered Hawk.

    1. Yeah...for whatever reason, I never watched Spencer, so I really can't speak to it, although everyone says that Brooks was good on that one.

      And to Anon -- I assume this is because I made a "Scrubs" reference recently somewhere. Guilty!

      I *wish* I watched more crappy TV. Just not enough hours in the day.


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